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WELCOME to Chorus Public House



If we ask this place about its life, my what a story it would tell.  It may go something like this...

Once upon an age before cars...can you imagine this age?... I certainly fact I can still see the lively horses and buggies arriving at my doorstep.  Out came people who traveled great lengths from cities small and large to seek the finery on display here within my staged walls.  Richly colored carpets, finely adorned hats, the latest fashions in the highest quality fabrics and, dare I say, under garments.  Indeed, they all turned heads as Mr. Kroken designed displays in my windows turned theater; the likes of which won awards and won over shoppers...or should I say customers.  In those days a person was treated as an investor in excellence and as such, became a customer sure to return for the experience of the place, the clothing and most importantly, how they felt in it.

One day the finery was replaced by shelves and rows of different items, discounted in price and quality. The five and dime was so named because prices were often fixed at either five or ten cents a piece for a variety of goods which were accessed without the help of a sales clerk.  This help-yourself strategy was quite new to shoppers and as such, shoppers remained lesser known to those managing the store and low price became the reason for a shopper to return.

On another day more shelves arrived with bins containing small metal items such as tools and machine parts; altogether known as hardware.  Customers returned to needing the help of sales assistants who knew which type of bolt or tool was needed to get the job done. The family business was just that, business.  Yet each customer was treated like family and sure enough, customers returned decade after decade.