Celebrations often create fond memories of time and place. Remember the time you turned 40 and danced the night away? Remember Chloe & Archer's wedding day? Remember the baby shower we had for Jared and here we are celebrating his the same PLACE. Now you're on to something.  Bring your special times to Chorus, we'll help you create those fond memories of time...and yes, place. 


As the name suggests, music holds the key to make the ordinary into extraordinary.  The melody in to harmony, the beat in to rhythm. The foot tap in to a full-body groove.  It brings dreams to life and makes good times great.  If you seek a venue for your musical talents, come to Chorus.  Bring your family, friends, and fans and if they're one and the same, then we'll do our best to add a few to your fan club. 


Great people are doing great things to help make our lives better.  It is our goal at Chorus to lend a hand...well a place... for these efforts to bloom.  To whom much is given, much is expected.  What you are doing makes a difference to all around you.  If you are helping and need some place for ideas to flourish, sponsors to donate, friends to learn how they can help, Chorus will bring those you are gathering action. 

DUELING PIANOS EVENT CANCELLED: Please note the dueling pianos event originally scheduled for Saturday, February 24th is cancelled and will be scheduled for another date soon to be announced.  Stay tuned for more information!

We appreciate your consideration of Chorus Public House for your celebrations.

We hope to see you celebrating all of the good things around us in 2018 and 2019!



"Thank you for providing a vintage, chic, spacious venue and catering a champagne and bloodymary bridal brunch for my sister, me, her friends and our family. When I stumbled across your up-and-coming business during Syttende Mai, I felt it was SERENDIPITY! You were so gracious and kind for me to work with. I'm excited to see great businesses like yours start up in my hometown. Thank you!"

- Marissa